Hey! My name is Bruno Marin, as you can see. I’m a Spanish filmmaker born in 1989, based in L’Eliana, a beautiful town not so far away from Valencia, Spain. I make music videos, promotional videos, video editing, and photo retouching. I’m a part-time photographer and sometimes I draw and design stuff. This is my story. I hope you like it.

Since I can remember, I’ve liked to draw. There is no part of my room that is not full of paintings. I sincerely couldn’t count the times my mom slapped my ass because I was drawing on my class books or even the walls but anyway, I never stopped drawing. The bad thing is that I never took it too seriously. But who knows, it’s never too late, right?

I started shooting when I was quite young, at the age of 11. I shot some short movies with my friends with a little Benq digital photo camera. Quality was totally sh** but I just liked to tell stories throughout my videos. Those videos are horrible...and if you are wondering - the answer is NO. You are never going to see them. Sorry.
Around that age I began to write stories, and I even won four writing contests in my hometown and High School. Maybe because they were good...maybe because I was the only one who attended - we will never know.

After that, I started playing guitar. I had a band and I had a really good time and was able to meet amazing people. Then, in 2010, one of the bands I had the chance to meet invited me to their first music video shooting. Then I came in and saw a guy shooting with a DSLR camera. At that time, of course, I didn’t know the technical name for that kind of camera. I would have said something like “a fuckin’ badass big camera”, for sure. I didn’t expect that video to be any good at all. Well, I was wrong. It was amazing. After that I thought seriously about making videos again. So, thanks to that guy, in some way, I am here.

Less than two months later I got my first DSLR camera - an amazing Canon EOS 60D. To be able to afford that camera I had to produce some artwork for album covers. It was totally worth it, because for the first time I learned the value of working hard and earning my own money. It felt like I suddenly grew up. But for the second time, I was wrong. It was only a feeling. To be honest, I never did.

So then I began to shoot videos with a guy I met at the university, the great and the only Javier Cano. We had the opportunity to travel to places like Barcelona, Madrid and other great cities in Spain, just to shoot videos. That was a very amazing and fun time, he’s become a very good friend of mine.

At that point I started to test the boundaries of my camera. So I started to take some pictures of things that I like, trying many different types of photography. Suddenly it became something like a passion for me. I’m not very good at that but I just enjoy the process so much...I can’t help it.

And here I am, with a passion for photography and a love for filmmaking. So, thanks for stopping by, whoever you are.